Drug Possession

Attorneys Defending Against Drug Possession Charges in Detroit

In Michigan, judges are known to hand down harsh penalties to individuals convicted of drug possession to try and deter future offenses. It is important to ensure that you have aggressive legal counsel on your side. I am Detroit area defense attorney Jonathan Jones, and we want to protect you from the prosecution trying to make an example out of you.

For more than 20 years, we have aggressively defended clients facing felony and misdemeanor drug possession charges. Just because the prosecution claims to have a strong case doesn't mean that they do. Our job is to uncover any weaknesses in the allegations. Based on our decades of experience, we know how to stay ahead of the prosecution while taking every measure possible to defend your rights. Call or text us anytime at (248) 310-3399, or contact us online to learn how we will work relentlessly to protect your rights.

Providing an Aggressive Defense Against all Types of Possession Charges

No type of drug charge is too simple or complex for us to handle. We will make your case a priority, no matter what you have been accused of. We can help defend against all drug-related charges, including:

  • Possession of controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Possession with intent to distribute

Defending against these charges means attacking each element of the alleged crime. For example, we may work to prove that the accused did not know he or she was in possession of a controlled substance. We may work to show that there was no intent to sell. We may be able to prove that the defendant had a prescription for the drug, or that he or she was otherwise in legal possession. We will thoroughly review the circumstances of your case to help build a defense that is designed to minimize the potential consequences.

Enforcing Your Protections Against Illegal Search and Seizures

The U.S. Constitution protects you from illegal searches and seizures. In order to search you for drugs, the police must have a reasonable suspicion that you illegally possess a controlled substance. To make an arrest, an office must have probable cause to believe you committed a crime. We will take every measure possible to make sure your rights are enforced. We will investigate to determine if the police had a valid reason to pull your car over and search your vehicle. If they did not have a valid reason, we will fight to get the charges dismissed.

We will also conduct a thorough investigation to find out if law enforcement searched your home for evidence of illegal drugs. In order to search your property without permission, law enforcement must obtain a warrant. If the evidence was secured without a warrant or if the terms of the warrant were violated, we will aggressively seek a dismissal of the charges. Every case is unique. You need an experienced lawyer who will not simply negotiate for a reduction of charges, but who will also work to uncover any weaknesses in the case. Since 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting our clients.

If You Have Been Charged with Marijuana Possession or Another Type of Drug Charge, Contact Our Royal Oak Office

Do not attempt to talk your way out of criminal charges without first speaking with a defense lawyer. We are available, day or night, to help guide you through the criminal justice process. Call or text us at (248) 310-3399, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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I trust this man with my life. If you want the very best attorney you can stop looking around. Jonathan knows his way around a courtroom, a true professional. His office is incredible they help every way to totally ease your mind. He’s like the Lebron James of legal system don’t mess around with your life get the best, Jonathan thank you for everything, you saved me. Cynthia
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Thank you again you are a excellent lawyer I wish you many more of those outcomes throughout your career as a dedicated lawyer. Rick R.
Thanks for your professional representation on my recent case. I was arrested when driving through Detroit and, being from out of state, had no idea on how to proceed in responding to the charges. Andy D.
Jonathan, You advocated my position with the utmost professionalism and clarity. Thank you for your fine representation. Don M.