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Over the past 20+ years I have had the opportunity to represent hundreds of clients every year in criminal matters. Many of these clients have shared their experience on various social media in the form of a review. I encourage prospective clients to read what former clients have said about me. I truly appreciate the feedback provided by my clients as it helps the consumer make the best possible choice in criminal representation. But it also enables me to be more responsive to the needs of clients. These are real people just like you who had real problems.

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Client Testimonials

My son who is a young adult was falsley accused of a sex crime which would have horrific implications for his life and which he would carry with him forever if convicted. It was a date rape accusation and the worst nightmare of any parent who has a son. Jonathan and his staff were unbelievably supportive and had the wherewithal to keep not only my son, but me sane as well. Their guidance, kindness, support, and incredible wisdom throughout this process was unparalleled. I will highly recommend Jonathan and his team to ANYONE who needs a criminal defense in the state of Michigan. He is the Rolls Royce of attorneys. You will not be disappointed.- Liz P.

When I needed help, I called a couple lawyers, one of them was Jonathan Jones and that was the most fortunate call I could have made. From our first conversation, Jonathan calmed me down, took the time to listen to my side of the story, talked me through the most likely scenarios, and put a plan of action in place to help me through this unfortunate situation. Jonathan always called or texted me back to answer my questions and kept me on the right course. Through his experience and connections throughout the city, he was executed the strategy perfectly and my problems went away! I can't say enough about his friendship, encouragement, and professionalism throughout the process. Also want to give some praise to his office staff, they too were great throughout the process, keeping me informed of important dates and times as well as offering their support along the way. Definitely would recommend Jonathan!– Neil D.

Hands down best lawyer in Michigan thank you so much Johnathan – Jeffrey S.

Jonathon was absolutely amazing he handled everything professionally, he was always there to answer any of my questions and got me through a really tough time while always making me feel everything would be okay. Would highly recommend him to anyone going through any legal problems by far the best I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He will get you through any criminal proceedings he will break it down for you and will make you feel safe and respected throughout the whole proceedings. I would give ten stars if I could!!! Thank you Jonathon. – Patrick

I trust this man with my life. If you want the very best attorney you can stop looking around. Jonathan knows his way around a courtroom, a true professional. His office is incredible they help every way to totally ease your mind. He’s like the Lebron James of legal system don’t mess around with your life get the best, Jonathan thank you for everything, you saved me. – Cynthia

I was just 8 days shy of my 20th birthday when I got arrested for OWI. I reached out and have attorney jones work my case. He was able to lower my crime to OWVI. I received no probation, work course, education or probation. I was left with just small fines. What a great lawyer he has been for me and I thank him very much for all his amazing work he has done throughout my case. I highly recommend this attorney if needed. – Edmund

Mr. Jones A very knowledgeable and professional attorney who understands how uncomfortable a client may be when they find it necessary to retain a defense attorney. He won my case, I am very happy with my decision to retain him for my attorney. Its a very nice feeling not to have to worry about something you are not familiar with, With Mr. Jones he will take care of the legal issues you may face. I would highly recommend Mr. Jones to any one in need of a criminal defense attorney. SUPERB – Marie Z.

Jonathan Jones represented us on a case requiring restitution of $74,000. Jonathan was able to resolve the case with a restitution amount of only $2,000! We are very grateful to Jonathan Jones for the work he did to resolve this matter. - Cheryl K.

From the very start very professional and knowledgeable Always had my best interests in hand would highly recommend him in any type of criminal case.Thank you johnathan for the help and understanding – Larry C.

From the moment Jonathan walked into the courtroom I was optimistic. Everyone from the clerks to the prosecutor knows him by name and that's someone you want in your corner. He got me an outcome that I didn't even think would be possible, sometimes communication is sparse but he's a busy man and I guarantee any other attorney can not provide a better outcome. I'd recommend Jonathan to anyone! – Austin S.

Mr. Jones had a very personable and pleasent demeanor and was very easy to talk to. He had a game plan for my case from the beginning. He came on short notice and treated me with respect. If you're in need of a lawyer I highly suggest choosing Mr. Jones you'd be lucky to have him on your side! – Cathy J.

In life sometimes good people do or experience bad things. These people should be as lucky as I have been to be represented by Jonathan Jones. Mr. Jones treated me with respect, kindness, and professionalism. Mr. Jones was by my side from start to finish. If I could reverse my actions I would, but I would not change my representation. – Mary P.

Thank you again you are a excellent lawyer I wish you many more of those outcomes throughout your career as a dedicated lawyer. – Rick R.

Thanks for your professional representation on my recent case. I was arrested when driving through Detroit and, being from out of state, had no idea on how to proceed in responding to the charges. Calling Jonathan Jones was the best decision I've made in a long time. You were able to help me keep my record clean and I really appreciate it. Thanks for all your hard work. – Andy D, TN

Jonathan, You advocated my position with the utmost professionalism and clarity. Thank you for your fine representation. – Don M., Westland, MI

Jonathan, Thank You! Thank You! May G-D bless you and your family! – Kenya B & Family., Inkster, MI

I have tried for 13 years to take care of my charge. No attorney would touch my case. Then you came. You gave life back to me after having one conversation with you. Now I can start my family with no worries. Thank you. – Joseph M., Clarkston, MI

I am 17 years old. I got charged with a drug possession with intent to sell charge. It was my first offense that I have ever had and I was worried about this felony change sticking to me the rest of my life. Thankfully I called attorney Jonathan Jones. Not only did he get my case down to a misdemeanor but he got me a lesser charge and would get wiped off my record when I finish my probation. He is the best in the business and I would highly recommend him to anyone with any charge. He works hard on your case and is one of the best at what he does. – Dominic A., Livonia, MI

I sincerely thank you for the most proficient representation you provided for me as my attorney when I was charged with a felony. Without your dedication and expertise, they would have sent an innocent man to prison. To anyone seeking a dedicated and hard working attorney who will take the time to study your case and is affordable, I strongly recommend Jonathan Jones. – Larry J., Oak Park, MI

Jonathan, Aside from being an EXTREMELY gifted attorney, you are truly a good man… – Lisa G., Royal Oak, MI

Jonathan, I really am grateful… Thank you VERY much for taking my case and doing a GREAT job!! – Suzzie D., Belleville, MI

Mr. Jones… I would like to take this moment to thank you for representing my son and his friend. I pray that God's favor smile upon you and your family – Renee E., Alexandria, VA

Jonathan, you exuded the confidence and knowledge that put my mind at ease throughout my ordeal. You have the courtroom savvy of a seasoned professional. My case benefited tremendously from your representation. Thanks again Jonathan! – Robert H., Dearborn, MI

Jonathan, I would just like to say thank you once again! – Emily St. C., Westland, MI

I've come across many blessing in my life, Attorney Jonathan Jones happens to be one of the greatest. A family friend referred Attorney Jones to me a couple of years ago, and he's been handling all of my cases ever since. Everything about him is absolutely amazing. With a record as extensive as mine its a miracle , I've never seen the inside of prison walls. Only its not a miracle , its the fact that Mr. Jones takes his time out to learn & study every spectrum of his clients and their cases. Followed by his impeccable knowledge and love for the law. I recently won a case in which I was expecting to do a year or better, and believe it or not I only did one day in jail. I'm living proof that Attorney Jones is the best at what he does, and losing is not an option. Mr. Jones has motivated me to make major changes in my life, because he has allowed me a second chance to do things right . I can't thank him enough , I can only promise him that his work was not done in vain. If your looking for someone to defend you to the best of their ability, I suggest you become acquainted with my Attorney Jonathan Jones. – Megan H.

I was charged with DUI in Detroit last year for the 3rd time. I was very worried of receiving jail time. I hired Jonathan Jones. The DA worked for a felony conviction. I was only charged with Careless Driving. Thank You Jonathan Jones, my lawyer, for another great job at work. – Andre M., Detroit, MI

Jonathan, I really am grateful… Thank you VERY much for taking my case and doing a GREAT job!! – Suzzie D., Belleville, MI

Because every case is unique and driven by its individual facts, the outcome of your case may be different than the outcome described by the individuals who have left these reviews.